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Patient Stories



At the age of 6, Graviel was run over by a train car, loosing his entire right leg. After many years of use, this prosthesis eventually broke down. This is when Graviel met Dr. Richard Lynn. Dr. Lynn sought out a new prosthetic solution and was connected with Ryan and Zach. Graviel was refit with a hip disarticulation prosthesis. Inspired to help others in the Dominican Republic, Graviel started Centro de Protesis to help others with prosthetic care. 



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Rachel was referred to Reform Prosthetics through Amputee Blade Runners, a national non-profit organization that serves active amputees across the country. Reform was initially asked to assess a problem with her existing prosthesis but ended up providing a replacement socket in order to best meet the needs of her active lifestyle. Rachel loves running with her dad around her neighborhood. Her current personal best distance is 3 miles!



In 1995, Melanie was involved in a motorcycle accident which led to the amputation of her leg below the knee. After using a prosthesis for 20+ years, she grew tired of limiting her activity due to anticipated pain and soreness with increased activity. That's when she connected with Reform Prosthetics. Since being refit, Melanie has completed 2 half marathons. 


I’ve been an amputee for 15 years now. Getting the proper fit on my
prosthetic leg has been so difficult for many years until I started seeing
Mr. Weber. Being an amputee himself Zach is able to quickly identify
solutions for my problems as well as for other amputees.


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