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Tips for Using Prosthesis in HOT Summer Months

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Sweat management is often one of the greatest challenges facing new and experienced amputees alike. Excessive sweating creates a warm, moist environment inside of the socket that combined with shear forces can result in skin breakdown, pain, activity limitation, and increased risks for infection.

Sweat Management Products

Sweat Socks- Wear specialized moisture-wicking "sweat socks" under your gel liner,

directly on your skin.

Antiperspirant- Apply high-strength antiperspirant directly to your limb at night, as needed/directed.

Sweatband (headband)- Place a sweatband (or headband) directly on your thigh just above your gel liner (for suction suspension, you sleeve must seal to your

skin above band).

Tips for Managing Everyday Factors

Diet- Stay hydrated and pay attention to what you eat and how it affects you.

Activity- Separate your liners by higher and lower activity and rotate them

every day. This will extend material lifespan of liners.

Environment- Understand how temperature and humidity changes affect sweating.

Gel Liner- Alternative gel liners may be available that could reduce sweating. A loose fitting gel liner can also contribute to increased perspiration.

Sealing Sleeves- A black sealing sleeve can feel hotter when exposed to sunlight. Consider an alternative lighter color.

Socket Fit/Adding Socks- Adjustments besides adding socks may be available or replacement socket may be needed if overall volume is lessened. An increase in frequency to maintain an adequate socket fit is important, especially for people working outdoors.

Take a Break- Studies have shown removing your entire prosthesis and liner for 10 minutes following a work out or in the middle of the day allows the limb to and the skin to dry.

~Ryan Fann, CP

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