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Prosthetic Technology

Reform Prosthetics prides itself on utilizing the prosthetic technology that best fits each patient’s individual needs. As prosthetic technology advances, we find opportunities to test new products, components, and socket fabrication concepts with our patients. Our goal is to provide patients with comfort, function, and mobility and to foster confidence using their prosthesis in everyday life. We believe there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. At Reform Prosthetics, patients should expect to receive customized, goal-oriented care designed to equip amputees with a prosthesis unique to their activities and lifestyle.

Above Knee Socket - Subischial

Our above the knee socket prosthetic legs feature:
  • Brimless Socket Design for improved range of motion
  • Adjustable Femoral Panel for improved stability and control of prosthesis
  • Custom Flexible Inner Socket for improved comfort and allowance for muscle contraction
  • Panel Adjustable Socket for volume management

(Click images to view full size)

(Click images to view full size)

Above Knee Socket – Containment

Our above the knee socket prosthetic legs feature:
  • Compliant flexible inner socket for improved comfort
  • Posterior removal of carbon frame for improved sitting ability
  • Ramal containment region for maximum stability and control
  • Distal femur fenestration for improved comfort on cut end of bone.

Below Knee Socket – Vacuum

Our below the knee socket prosthetic legs feature:
  • Ultra-light carbon fiber material with custom frame design
  • Textured flexible socket for improved grip and eliminating undesired movement
  • Improved knee bending with flexible panel stops bunching around the knee
  • Vacuum suspension prosthesis for improved comfort and control

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Below Knee Socket – Adjustable


Our below the knee socket prosthetic legs feature:
  • Adjustable panel for volume management and claudication pain management
  • Lowered anterior trimline for increased kneeling ability
  • Internal sleeve
  • Flexible inner socket/volume adjustment frame

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Running Prosthetics

Our running prosthetic designs include:
  • Posterior and distal mount foot applications
  • Multi-density interface materials to increase comfort with higher impact
  • Adjustable alignment feature to account for speed and strength training
  • Split toe design to improve ground compliance while turning

Flexible Socket Technology

Our Flexible Sockets feature:
  • Thermoplastic, foam, urethane resin, and rolled silicone materials
  • Frame designs matched to patients skeletal anatomy allowing for full range of motion
  • Cushioned brim or interface to improve comfort with higher impact
  • Fenestrations and low-density voids to improve compliance with sitting and uneven terrain
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